University of Bristol Politics Society Services


Political Events

Speakers, Debates, and Current Affairs.

At UBPS we frequently have speakers from across the political spectrum and from a range of different sectors. Whether you want something to add to your CV or just expand your political knowledge, there will be something beneficial for everyone.


Social Events

Quizzes, Bar Crawls, Trip Abroad, Politics Family

Joining a "politics family" is a great way to get involved in our society and meet likeminded individuals across all year groups. We run a range of events across the year such as pub quizzes, bar crawls and non-alcohol related socials, which are great fun to attend with your family. Our annual trip is always a highlight of the year and a great opportunity to immerse yourself in our community.


Career Support

Resources, Workshops, Webinars, Speakers, Opportunities

We are here to help you find a clearer path you wish to follow when leaving the University. Whether this is through attending talks from our excellent range of speakers or via our alumni network, we hope to broaden your opportunities.

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Wellbeing and Equality Focus

Wellbeing Board, Wellbeing and Equality Officer, Confidential Reporting System

Your wellbeing is one of our top priorities at UBPS. Our confidential form will allow you to report any concerns to our wellbeing and equalities team, no problem is too big or too small!

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UBPS Alumni Network

New and Old Members, Sharing Resources, Society Growth

We are privileged enough at UBPS to have a vast range of successful alumni! Our connections with them will allow you to gain insight into the world of work and what you may want to do in the future.